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[9 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]

You have probably heard the saying “Success leaves clues”. One of the ways I ‘play my business game’ is by keeping an eye out for tips and clues from the BIG GUYS. I am talking big companies with big budgets.
Watching the marketing of bigger businesses gives me short-cuts and tips on WHAT works and HOW to do things. I figure: hey these companies have had thousands to millions of marketing people-hours, highly-skilled marketing/sales brains and massive budgets to experiment and learn what works to get customers in the door. It …

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[1 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]

I really appreciate the power of direct marketing. Wanted to share another example, so you can get your head around how easy it is, to improve your cashflow. I think of direct marketing as being a magic wand. When you wave it with a little enthusiasm and skill, it gets results.
A few days ago, this is the process I used:

I wrote a letter (took 15mins)
that I then reviewed (15mins)
selected the database of 323 targeted records (extracted from our customer database, 15mins then 2 hours cleaning up the data so next …

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[9 Nov 2012 | No Comment | ]

One of my favourite business books is “The Millionaire Mind”. I came across this FREE seminar coming up in London by The Millionaire Mind author, Gerry Robert on How to Write Your Book. Go check out his next FREE London seminar
The awesome speaker and book-writing guru Gerry Robert will juice you up to get started writing a book. Publishing ultimately boosts your profit as a service professional, whether you are a therapist, coach or consultant.

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[15 Dec 2011 | No Comment | ]

It is a question many business owners ask themselves each day: How do I get more customer faster? I’ll be releasing  this article series over the next few days. Consider creating a 90-day Marketing Plan over the next few days before Christmas, to start your new year strong and give you clarity, reassurance and purposeful action. Take time to think outside the box and determine to become more consistent and creative about attracting and retaining customers, as you develop your 90-day Marketing Plan.
Here are tips to help you answer the hottest (and often …

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[16 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]

Okay now for those of you that know me, you will know that I ONLY recommend the best products I test and use myself. An internet marketing colleague called me today for some advice and I told him this: I am now happy to toss out EVERY SINGLE personal development book and program I have ever purchased. And THIS product would be the only one I would listen to for life. For anyone wanting to make the PARADIGM SHIFT in their success thinking, BUY THIS. Read it, re-read it, then …

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[6 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]

Coaching is a beautiful process. Especially sales coaching. You see, when my clients first start the Business-Builder coaching and mentoring process, typical Limiting Beliefs I hear clients say out loud include:
“There just don’t seem to be any clients”
“Most of my therapist or service professional friends are struggling too”
“It’s really hard to get clients”
“Clients just aren’t spending very much”
“It’s so expensive to do marketing”
By the end of the first Coaching & Mentoring session, guess what they are saying instead?
Positive, Enabling Beliefs that are going to leapfrog them towards success such as:
“Wow. …

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[11 Aug 2011 | No Comment | ]

Are you still working too many hours?
One of the most useful skills I ever learnt … and continue to Master … is Outsourcing of work that I’m either (1) Not good at (2) Don’t Like and (3) Someone can do MUCH better than I can.
If you’ve read Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book “The E-Myth”, then you’ll appreciate how outsourcing and systems = time and money freedom. In fact,  UNTIL you learn these skills, your workstyle, lifestyle and profitability has a ceiling that’s about height of a small victorian cottage. You’re …

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[7 Jun 2011 | One Comment | ]

There’s plenty of business-accelerting reasons to be a VIP Inner Circle Member. Including exclusive access to my Little Black Book of flaming hot internet marketing and direct marketing Secret Support Team! These are the people I personally use to turn around all sorts of Marketing projects for myself, The Happiness Centre, local Business Clients and my Practice-Building Mentoring Clients. Some of my Secret Support Team even help us overnight at the Practice-Building Bootcamps to turn around creative for eBook covers, Banners, Blog headers, logos etc. [Thanks guys - - you know who you are!!]
Today …